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    There is no bad weather, only bad clothes

    Norwegians have a saying, “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær!” which translates to “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!” In Scandinavia, where weather can be notoriously changeable and can get quite cold, the locals still enjoy making the most of the outdoors, regardless of the weather. There is a general sense that the weather, like most things in life, is as bad as you make it to be. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Finland, Norway and Denmark are ranked top in the list of the happiest countries in the world. So when the weather has you stuck indoors, consider how a change in mindset…

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    Winter 2018-2019 Sessions

    We’re still holding sessions during the winter but may not post public sessions until Spring since response tends to be too low. If you want to schedule a session during the weekend feel free to contact us to check availability. Some weekdays available too. Winter sessions are a little different than what I do in warmer weather. When very cold there is more walking and less sitting, but I do aim for frequent short stops with lots of silence. The silence of the woods in winter is quite magical, and you may be surprised at what sounds you CAN hear once you pause a moment.

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    Breakneck Ridge Is Staying Open Through Peak Season

    While not a prime candidate for forest therapy walks (although I’d accept the challenge for a private session on it!) this may be good to know for the more strenuous hikers in our community. While construction plans for the area nestled between Beacon and Cold Spring are being finalized the trail will remain open for the remainder of the year, to officially begin in early 2019. Besides a new welcome center, planned improvements will include a new twelve-foot wide bike and pedestrian trail between the trailhead and the Metro-North pedestrian walkway, making the trek to the trails in the area much, MUCH safer. Also planned is parallel parking and designated…

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    Identifying Poison Ivy, Poison oak, and Poison Sumac

    While catching up on my landscaping today I had a surprise encounter with some poison ivy.  I think I will be ok since I treated the contact area quickly but time will tell! During forest therapy walks I make a habit of pointing these plants out when I see them, but some locations are better than others for finding them.  To help, I wanted to share a website I stumbled across recently with a great write-up on how to identify these plants: https://gardenerdy.com/how-to-identify-poison-oak-poison-ivy-poison-sumac-plants

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    Time to check out Fort Tryon Park

    I’ll be in the city Friday, July 20th scouting out spots for forest therapy walks so decided to open the event to our NYC meetup. The plan is to do a forest therapy run through in one of these spots. The Meetup event can be found here: Scouting and trial forest therapy run at Fort Tryon park Friday, Jul 20, 2018, 10:00 AM Entrance of Fort Tryon ParkFort Tryon Park New York, NY 3 Members Attending This is technically intended for me to scout out places to do forest therapy but I think it would be nice to open it up to the group since 1) it is a nice…

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    Trial run of Hybrid Forest Therapy – Esopus NY

    Technically I was only planning to scout out Black Creek Preserve in Esopus to plan a session here but since I am already bringing a member and doing a full run through of a hybrid hike with forest therapy I may as well open it up to a few others. Just keep in mind I am getting a feel for how to make this all flow so I will be winging this a bit more than usual. Still, it’s a nice walk that leads to the Hudson River, and lots of hemlocks – my favorite tree – so let’s enjoy it! ***There will be hiking – it is considered a relatively…

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    First Public Walk on the Calendar!

    Time to get things started. Our first Forest Therapy walk in the Hudson Valley area is a 10 minute drive from Cold Spring NY. This is the first official public walk! I’m both nervous and excited since I normally host these events privately. As the first event I am keeping it to an optional donation of $10. What would be really appreciated is your feedback (what worked, what did not work) since I am always looking to improve. RSVP here

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    A Word on Invitations

    During a forest therapy walk, your guide will periodically invite you to consider or try something.  Sometimes it may be a quest to find a leaf or tree that resonates with you, other times it may be to become aware of movement as you walk – the options are endless! These invitations do not actually come from the guide but from the forest.  I don’t mean this in a necessarily esoteric way, just that the guide will intuit the invitation that a specific location seems to call for with those particular participants.  Thus every walk is unique. Invitations are designed to help open participants to the forest therapy experience through…