Barefoot Hiking

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I started hiking barefoot this year and love it! So thought, why not try offering a barefoot hike event and give people a chance to meet the forest therapist (and each other) in the process?

I have some general info on going barefoot here:

This is a free event (donations welcome and help support Hudson Valley Forest Therapy) and is open to any experience level.

If you have never hiked barefoot, you need to do the following:

  1. Look over
  2. Walk in your yard or local park barefoot 5-10 minutes a day this week (this hike should not be your first time trying!)
  3. Expect to be wearing your shoes most of the time at first.

This will be a slow, mindful hike on a rather easy trail so as to keep our feet safe. If there are enough well-seasoned barefoot hikers, reach out to me to schedule something a bit more challenging.

Pack a lunch, and we can find someplace to picnic.

We will be hiking along some farm land and then into the woods for a short bit to a scenic spot. We can then decide if we go further into the woods are start back.

Meet at the Big Woods Trailhead Parking lot (new in the past year) on Route 301 in Fahnestock.

If the weather is bad, I will decide by noon the day before if we need to postpone.