Trial run of Hybrid Forest Therapy with Hike in Black Creek Preserve

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Technically I was only planning to scout the area out to plan a session here but since I am already bringing a member and doing a full run through of a hybrid hike with forest therapy I may as well open it up to a few others. Just keep in mind I am getting a feel for how to make this all flow so I will be winging this a bit more than usual. Still, it's a nice walk that leads to the Hudson River, and lots of hemlocks - my favorite tree - so let's enjoy it!

***There will be hiking - it is considered a relatively easy trail with a few hills. About 2 miles of walking.

Since this would be ending around lunch time feel free to pack a lunch to enjoy during the ending tea ceremony.

COST: This is free with an optional donation of $10 or whatever you want to give to support this venture. Not all events are free.


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