Forest Therapy Walk at Buddhist Monastery in Carmel Area

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As one of our first events I am keeping it to an optional donation of $10. What would be really appreciated is your feedback (what worked, what did not work) since I am always looking to improve.

This walk will be on monastery grounds. This is not a Buddhist event, nor do we have any affiliation with the monastery, HOWEVER please respect their preference for modest clothing (no shorts, tank tops, or overly revealing outfits) and if you pack food, keep it vegetarian.

After the walk the dining hall serves a $6 vegetarian lunch noon-1pm and visitors are welcome to explore the grounds as well as the Great Buddha Hall which is certainly a sight to see! I plan to mediate there after lunch so if you are interested in a meditation primer just ask!

All participants must sign a simple liability waiver at the start of the event to allow us peace of mind in offering our walks to the public.


(Contact us if you have problems booking via