Informal meditation workshop/chat at a Buddhist Monastery

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So I have been trying to start many of my mornings meditating at my local Buddhist monastery where I often do my Forest Therapy sessions and I thought I would open it up to see if anyone would like to meet up and chat a bit about meditation, share techniques/tips, and eventually spend some personal time meditating in one of the temples.

If you are new to meditation or have problems doing it, this would be a great opportunity to discuss and get some tips/ideas so beginners encouraged to come!

We can sit in a covered gazebo sipping some tea as we chat.

The property opens at 9 so if you come early please stay in the parking area and I will be there to meet you. Please arrive 5 minutes early since we will be leaving the parking lot at 9:10.

All participants must sign a simple liability waiver at the start of the event to allow us peace of mind in offering events to the public. (I know we are not "walking" much but this is a good practice.)

Cost: Free (donations welcome but not solicited)

Rain or Shine!


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