Scouting and trial forest therapy run at Fort Tryon park

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This is technically intended for me to scout out places to do forest therapy but I think it would be nice to open it up to the group since 1) it is a nice place to walk and 2) I may as well do a trial run through in one of the places since I am there and get to meet some of you!

There will be some walking! Trails are considered easy but there is some uphill walking and I will be exploring a bit.

The forest therapy portion will be 1.5-2 hours depending how long it takes for me to find a place that works. If you know the area we can talk about ideas. I will plan to be done by 12:30 but may go over.

Cost: This will be optional (but much appreciated) donation. $10-20 would help with supplies.

REMINDER: This is a test run, so I may experiment a bit more than I would in a formal session and thus things may not go as smoothly as one would prefer. Let's have fun and not worry about it! (We may not pass the area in the photo - not sure yet!)


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