Forest Wisdom

What to Bring to a Forest Therapy Walk

You don’t need too much to have a great walk, but a few essentials packed in a knapsack or small backpack can make all the difference.


Please bring a face-covering/mask and respect social distancing guidelines.

Dress appropriately for the weather. 

You will be spending some time walking slowly and some time sitting.  Usually you would be in shade, but sometimes we may make use of a field or other open space. Wearing layers is a good way to be flexible for times when, for example, you may get chilly when sitting and warm when walking.

You may get dirty so dress like you would for a hike – decent shoes and clothing you don’t mind getting dirty.

If you want to take off your shoes consider some sandals or flip flops in case you sensitive feet need a break.

Bring sunscreen and bug repellent.

Sun and bugs can get annoying and ticks are something to always be wary of.  You may not notice how much sun you are still exposed to through openings in the canopy of trees.

Consider getting a bug repellent designed for clothing to treat your shoes and clothes along with something to protect your skin.

Bring water and a snack

Water is most important, especially on hot days.  Even if you are packing juice be sure to have some water.  If it will be hot, bring extra water. Snacks are optional but can be shared at the ending tea ceremony, or if you need an energy boost.  Granola bars, trail mix, fruit are great.

Bring a towel or something to sit on

You will be spending some time sitting.  A towel is usually enough but if sitting on the ground is problematic, a light and foldable chair or stool is fine as long as you can carry it comfortably. If the walk is near water you may also get wet so a towel can come in handy even if you are bringing a chair.

Bring a journal

You may want to write down your thoughts and experiences so a journal or notebook and something to write with is not a bad idea.

Bring something to carry out garbage

We follow a carry in-carry out policy and encourage you to take out at least one additional piece of trash you find in a show of gratitude to the land.

Bring an open mind!

Forest therapy can seem very foreign to those who are not used to taking a time out from their fast-paced life.  Sometimes the invitations offered during a walk can seem at first glass to be silly or pointless.  Allow yourself to remain present. Give the process a chance and engage with your environment and the invitations.