Chuang Yen Monastery

Meeting spot
We gather on this small grassy island in the main parking lot.

This is a great hidden gem in the Hudson Valley - the perfect place to wander and relax. On weekends you can get a cheap vegetarian lunch in the dining hall from noon to 1. The Great Buddha Hall is usually open to the public and is a sight to see, regardless of your religious affiliation.

Address: 2020 New York 301, Carmel Hamlet, NY 10512

Phone: (845) 225-1819

Website: [Click Here]

(The grounds are open to the public 9am-5pm daily.)

IMPORTANT: Please familiarize yourself with the monastery's general ground rules to respect this sacred space. This includes wearing proper dress (modest and respectful clothing, no tank tops, shorts or short skirts) and if packing lunch to keep it vegetarian.


The monastery is a 10-15 minute drive from the town of Cold Spring where taxis are available. (Cold Spring is reachable via Metro North.)

See map below.

NOTE: I have been told GPS does not always bring you where you want to go.  The driveway has a large white mailbox with "2020" on it. It is about 3 minutes east of the Taconic Parkway, heading away from Cold Spring toward Kent.

Meeting spot: In the main parking lot, there is a small grassy island to the left as you enter the lot which has two large trees - this is where we meet (see photo).  There are bathrooms open to the public in the main building.

(The monks request that you do not drive over 15 MPH on their property.)