Join our Community

We invite you to join our local area meetups to experience forest therapy for yourself and allow yourself some time for self-care in the company of others. Besides forest therapy walks we’ll have the occasional hike or even a picnic if enough are interested!

Hudson Valley – such an extensive area! We focus on Garrison/Cold Spring/Beacon areas since they are easy to reach by Metro North trains from the city and we frequently branch out to Westchester and areas north as well as across the river as far up as Woodstock if there is interest.

New York City area – there are so many parks in and around the city that are perfect for forest therapy work.

If you are interested in self growth we invite you to check out our support communities at

John has such a calming demeanor and brings such warmth and soul to his forest therapy programs. I highly recommend spending this guided time in nature if you’re feeling burnt out and disconnected from nature. The world would be such a better place if more people took the time to get back to nature and mindfulness in this way!
Britt Westfall, NJ