Meet the Guide – John Polemis

Growing up in the Bronx at a time when kids spent their days outside, the Bronx Botanical Gardens and the various (then) wild places along the Bronx River were John’s sources of adventure and contemplation. As he came into his own, John moved up into the Hudson Valley so he could explore the many trails and mysteries the region has to offer and fell in love with the area.

With almost 20 years in IT Management in the news industry, dealing with daily deadlines, crisis management and disaster recovery, John has long relied on forest therapy and hiking to build his resilience to the stresses that come with such work. The result is a good-natured yet edgy – sometimes mischievous – adventurer with a passion for nature and a desire to help others discover the wonders, adventures, and serenity that patiently await just inside the woods and wild places.

John is also the founder of You Are Who You Create dedicated to building a supportive community for those seeking to further their personal growth by facilitating support groups and providing transformational coaching services. As a coach John works with people struggling to make needed changes in their life by helping them bring focus and set practical goals.

The Brothers Grimm
(Try getting decent photos of black cats!)

An animal lover at heart, John volunteers his web support services to Animal Rescue Foundation in Beacon NY, a no-kill shelter where he adopted his beloved cats Wilhelm and Jacob (aka the Brothers Grimm). If you find yourself in need of a pet or like to support good causes, they are certainly worth a visit!

A few fun facts about John…

  • Loves trying new and unusual foods (yeah he’s eaten bugs).
  • Has been studying Japanese for the last 4 years but is still shy to speak it!
  • Is fascinated with urban decay, especially sites found in the woods.
  • Loves to hike at night, preferably without lights.
  • Is a tea fiend with a wall-o-tea in his kitchen.
  • He once used the same toilet Hillary Clinton did.  Jealous?
If you want to discover, try something new or realign with whom you are, try forest therapy. John is an outstanding life coach. He combines the senses and nature for self-discovery. Coach John is inspirational, humble, and sees coaching as art and a discipline. He takes excellent care of the group through the walk and at the end, he had tea and snacks for us! Who does that and he played the flute. Forest therapy is a good ending or beginning for the week. Thank you, John.
MB, Hudson Valley, NY