Meditation Sessions

Want to learn how to meditate or improve your meditation skills? Just like to meditate in a group setting for the sense of community? Join us for meditation primers and sessions either outdoors or in a local Buddhist monastery (we are not affiliated with Buddhism but the location is great for meditation). House calls are also available depending on location.

We usually offer group sessions before or after our forest therapy sessions when the location can accommodate them. You do not need to attend our forest therapy walk to addend the meditation session – they are separate events making use of the same space.

Walking or Seated meditation sessions available.

Sessions are 30 minutes – 10 minutes of teaching, 20 minutes of meditation.

Price: $20 per person.  (House calls and private sessions add an additional $30 to the final total.)

Note: If you are attending a forest therapy session and we are hosting a meditation primer before or after that session you are welcome to join us with a suggested donation of  $5.