What clients have to say…

Thanks to John’s exceptional guidance I now have a broader perspective of my relationship with nature.

Lori S, Brewster, NY

What I love best about my coaching sessions with John is that he really LISTENS to me.  I am not used to that and it is so refreshing.  John takes an active interest in my success and it shows!

Sean, Brooklyn NY

The host (John) was excellent. He was knowledgeable and provided a great experience which I found meaningful and interesting

Linda, NYC

What a fun guide!  Thanks for making me feel comfortable since I did not know anyone.  I had a blast!!!

Ronnie, Garrison NY

John created and held a space where I could open up, be creative, silly, conceptual, sad, excited, etc. He moved me into the nuts and bolts of what truly mattered to me and he got me out of the unproductive loops running in my mind. From there, we explored possibilities and I was able to create action items and challenge myself while he held me accountable. It worked. I got tangible results in creating some marketing items for my business and he helped me remain present and centered when I was feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities and while I was distracted with difficult emotions.

J.W., Professional Coach

Lovely experience. Our host John provided a supportive atmosphere to calm and relax and appreciate our time together and the nettle tea was wonderful!

Berte, NYC

John, the host was really friendly and the overall experience was awesome! The group was really open minded and friendly as well.

Angela, NYC

I have participated in a lot of meditation retreats over many years, so when I saw this experience being offered, I jumped at the chance. I’d heard of Japanese Forest Bathing/Therapy, but never done it and didn’t quite know what to expect. For me, it was even better than I’d imagined. I feel like I’ve so far only touched the surface of the gorgeous abundance of the forest as it meets the power of an aware, receptive mind. Thank you!!!

DG, Stone Ridge, NY

John has this subtle humor at times which is hysterical once you catch it.  Really a fun person to work with!!!  This guy has class!

G.R., Poughkeepsie, NY

If you want to discover, try something new or realign with whom you are, try forest therapy. John is an outstanding life coach. He combines the senses and nature for self-discovery. Coach John is inspirational, humble, and sees coaching as art and a discipline. He takes excellent care of the group through the walk and at the end, he had tea and snacks for us! Who does that and he played the flute. Forest therapy is a good ending or beginning for the week. Thank you, John.

MB, Hudson Valley, NY

John has such a calming demeanor and brings such warmth and soul to his forest therapy programs. I highly recommend spending this guided time in nature if you’re feeling burnt out and disconnected from nature. The world would be such a better place if more people took the time to get back to nature and mindfulness in this way!

Britt Westfall, NJ

During his forest therapy meetup, I shared that I was feeling depressed and lonely.  When the event was over John took his time packing up his gear and just sat with me.  I said I knew he had a two-hour commute home and did not have to and he just chuckled that he was fine where he was.  Later I asked for some advice and he said something about me being the better qualified person to answer and offered me a free coaching session under the trees. Wow, I don’t know much about coaching but it really cleared my head about a few things and when we parted I was in a much better place.  He should be a therapist!

Shane, NJ

I wasn’t at all sure what to expect today. I am so happy I attended. We had a great group of people and the venue was perfect. Our guide, John was very organized, kind and informative. I left the walk feeling both relaxed AND invigorated. After a few reflective “invitations” from John and the forest, we ended with a lovely tea and chat session.

Maura, NY

A lovely place and charming way to spend the morning. You will leave with a deeper connection with the natural beauty around you.


Through John’s guidance, I reconnected with a part of me and with nature that I had long forgotten as a person who lives amongst buildings, cars and trains. I found my childish wonder return, and my desire to feel more present and connected in the trees as well as after I returned home. It seems to me that John is a skillful facilitator that helped me connect more with my natural environments as well as connect more with myself.

James Young, Bronx Professor

What an amazing experience! A great mini getaway from the busy city life. John was super welcoming and informative! Would definitely do this again!

Julie, Yonkers NY

Very well-run event. Our guide John was personable, knowledgeable and experienced. We had a blast and made several new friends. I thought I knew Central Park but this Meetup Experience opened a whole new side of the park to me. Highly recommend!

Jacquelyn, NYC